Andrew Gn

Andrew infuses his designs with the style, refinement and artistry he lives by each day. When he talks abou his passions--designing sublime and rare clothing, making women look beautiful, creating extraordinary environments--his descriptions are punctuated by a twinkle of the eye and a hearty laugh. Andrew’s clients feel a special connection with him, even if they’ve never met. His clothes awaken in a woman a joyous feeling that she’s wearing something like no other. Andrew has an uncompromising knowledge of craftsmanship, cutting, draping and tailoring, innovation, details and function. Sumptuous and noble fabrics of our own design are woven exclusively for our house. We seek out haute couture suppliers to fabricate exquisite finishings. Every detail, from the handmade buttons to the embroideries to the trimmings, is designed by our studio and crafted by skilled artisans. The entire collection is made in France. Luxury, quality, transcendence and wearability are paramount.