Corto Moltedo

Gabrielecorto Moltedo was born into a family of designers ( Bottega Venetta) and raised as an apprentice to the trade of artisan-¬crafted leather. What really drives him is the passion for creating bags of superior quality that reflect his unique take on art and life. Each piece is individually handmade in his Florentine headquarters, and they represent the outcome of a thorough process of research, styling and creation of both forms and materials. Corto’s woman is witty and cosmopolitan; she is not defined by her home country or cultural up¬bringing. What empowers her is an independent spirit, a vibrant thirst for expressing her inner self through high ¬fashion and a conscious choice. This is how she really goes beyond the temporary diktats of what is deemed fashionable at all costs. Corto Moltedo's unique, completely handmade bags are a haven of the eclectic, the dreamy conceptual and the cutting-edge.