GRACE Atelier de Luxe was launched in Spring 2014 by Grace K., a London College of Fashion former student, an industrial engineering graduate and a true fashion lover. After years of working on bespoke eveningwear, bridal and jewellery creations and using haute couture and jewellery-making techniques at her infamous atelier, “GRACE World”, Grace K. decided to introduce a line of leather, handmade bags under the name GRACE Atelier de Luxe. The new line depicted her personal style and her austere, clean artistic vision, with some intricate details and a touch of bohemian flair injected into the mix. Grace is dedicated to being involved in every stage of the process: she designs, makes patterns, selects materials and personally reviews the prototypes of each collection. She works closely with a team of passionate, skillful artisans who craft the handbags by hand, thus making each bag a unique, one of a kind piece. Today, despite the big volume of production, Grace is dedicated to maintain the hand-made nature of her products as this is exactly where her interpretation of true luxury lies. The GRACE Atelier de Luxe handbags are now sold in handpicked boutiques around the world.